School safe scheme

What to do if a pupil, parent or staff member reports a potentially dangerous incident, either on the way to or from school or during the school day.

When notified about an incident you should consult the headteacher/deputy head on whether it is appropriate to submit a school safe incident form and report the incident to the police.

If the pupil involved has an allocated social worker, you would also need to notify the social worker about the incident.

Report it to the police

Schools are encouraged to contact the police in case of serious incidents. In particular if the incident involves:

  • Strangers taking photographs of pupils
  • Pupils being approached or followed by strangers
  • Unfamiliar persons present on school grounds
  • Possible abduction attempts.

Safer schools officers high school contact list (log in to view)

Report a school safe incident

Schools are encouraged to complete and submit the school safe incident form so we can inform other schools in the locality of these incidents:

Complete the school safe incident form (word) and email this to

Serious incidents should be reported to the police (appropriate for the majority of school safe incidents).

Prompt notification of an incident enables the EGfL web team to contact colleagues who will provide security related support and advice to schools. This helps to respond to emergencies quickly whilst minimising the risk to personal safety.

What to do when you receive a form

If you get an email alert from us about an incident please read it immediately, distribute to relevant members of staff and action as appropriate.

Important notice: Under data protection any information that can identity a person/suspect should not be disclosed. Reported specifics such as the address, name, photo image or registration number on the school safe template are for the attention of safeguarding, child protection and other relevant members of staff only and should not be distributed widely to parents, unless clearly instructed to do so by the Met Police.

Join the school safe distribution list

The email alert should be sent out to at least two or more contacts in your school, so more than one person in your school will receive the notification in the event that one person is not available.

Read our privacy notice.

Join the school safe distribution list (Ealing school staff)

Inform us fo changes to your school's designated school safe contact/s:
Update your school safe contact details (Ealing school staff)

Remove me from the school safe distribution list

You can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time by emailing

Aims of the school safe scheme

The school safe scheme aims to protect children from public danger by informing other schools in the locality of possible problems, particularly when there are reports of children being approached inappropriately by strangers.

The scheme is intended as a method of rapid communication with schools in the event of an emergency.

Distribution areas

We distribute the forms to schools in one or more of the following areas, depending on where the incident took place:

  • Acton
  • Ealing/Hanwell
  • Greenford/Northolt/Perivale
  • Southall.

When we get the incident description form it is immediately shared, by email, to the surrounding schools and children’s centres.

In serious cases we will share the incident with other schools outside the surrounding area or even to all areas.


We can only distribute school safe alerts to those schools we have the correct email addresses for.
It is the schools’ accountable officers responsibility to keep us up to date of any email address changes.
We are not responsible for the content of the alerts.
We are not responsible for passing serious incidents on to the police. Schools must contact the police directly to inform them of serious incidents.

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Last updated: 03 Jun 2024

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