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Speech and language therapy workshops for parents

Speech and language therapy free online workshops for parents of children over 5

Do you have parents that would like and benefit from more information with their child’s communication?

Summer term 2024 workshops

These workshops can be accessed by any parents – their child does not need to be known to speech and language therapy.

This term we have online and face to face workshops on the following:

  • Using communication skills to prepare for transition to high school: Wednesday 22 May from 11am-12pm, online
  • Supporting children who are speaking at home but not at school: Tuesday 18 June from 10am-11am, online
  • Understanding behaviours and managing emotions: Wednesday 26 June from 12pm-1pm, face to face
  • Different ways of communicating: Friday 5 July from 10am-11am, online

Parents can book a place by emailing with your name, the workshop title and the name of your child's school.

We will also be collaborating with local services to provide workshops on:

Read more about the speech and language therapy summer workshops.


If you have questions about a child’s speech, language and/or communication, you can contact our advice line and speak with a speech and language therapist.

Email us on: Monday to Friday from 1-4pm.

Further information

Visit our YouTube channel: Ealing Children's Services - YouTube.

Here you can find a range of free bite-size videos and longer workshops for parents and practitioners, aimed at supporting children with and without communication needs.

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Last updated: 26 Apr 2024