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Photos and video recordings

There are no safeguarding regulations prohibiting the taking of photos or video recordings at school.

The only legislation that may apply is the Data Protection Act and that The Act notes, at Section 36, that personal data processed by an individual only for the purposes of that individual's personal, family or household affairs (including recreational purposes) are exempt from the Act.

This would include photographs taken by family members of their children at school events.

Data protection good practice note - taking photographs in schools (ICO website)
The information commissioner's office has produced a short, helpful guide for schools on taking photos and video recordings.

Policy and guidance on safe use of children's photographs (word)
This is a best practice model policy for schools.

The key points for schools on photography and video recording are to:

  • Get parent or guardian's written permission
  • Explain the use of the material
  • Not use surnames just "pupils" or first names
  • Store material securely
  • Tell parents that taking photos and video at school events is permitted by family and friends. This prevents unnecessary challenge by parents on parents
  • Parents can be asked to tell the head of any objections to their child being included in such photos / videos and then removed from such events if necessary.


Advice from Ealing Press office.

Publicity protocol (pdf)
Guidelines to follow when photographing people.

General model release form (word)
School children - before you take the photograph or video (word)
School children - after you take the photograph (pdf)


Ealing Council's communications unit can help you plan publicity for your event and provide contact details for suitable media, radio and television.

Plan ahead for success

Give yourself plenty of time to prepare so you can produce a good announcement. This will usually pay off.


Follow these steps to announce that your event is happening:

  • Make one person responsible for dealing with the media - it should be the headteacher or deputy headteacher
  • Discuss what you want to do and obtain contact details for press, radio and television from the Council's communications unit
  • Write down what you want to say:
    • Make sure you explain/answer the key questions - what? why? when? how?
    • Give a contact name and telephone number so that the recipient can get back to you for further information
  • Make the announcement:
    • Simple announcements can be made by telephoning the contact, but write it down first (step 3 above)
    • Fax, email or post complex announcements

Ealing's communications unit

The communications unit can advise and assist you with communications related issues.

Address: Perceval House, fourth floor NE
Tel: 020 8825 8686

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Last updated: 30 Sep 2022

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