School travel plans 2024/25

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School travel plans deliver transport strategy that supports sustainable travel and road safety education.

School Streets close the streets around schools to most traffic at opening and closing times.

Financial year 2024/25

The main aim of the school travel team is to support schools to reduce car use and increase sustainable modes of travel for the school journey, leading to reduced congestion, improvements in air quality and the health and well-being of the Ealing community.

This is achieved through the delivery of a wide range of projects, provision of training and road safety engineering.

  • Reduce congestion by encouraging people to leave their cars at home and travel to school by more sustainable means
  • Improving the local environment by reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality
  • Improve community links working together towards the common goal of making the journey to school a safer and healthier one
  • Reduce obesity by being active on the school journey
  • More alert children by increasing children's exercise in the morning helps them be more alert and ready to learn when they arrive at school
  • Increase pupil’s sense of road safety through training programmes and participation in sustainable travel
  • Increase pupil participation by encouraging them to take part and take responsibility for road safety within the school
  • It’s fun! Surveys show that children want to travel by sustainable means. Walking, scooting and cycling are fun ways of travelling to school
Office hours:

Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm

Planned improvements:
  • Increased levels of walking and cycling for the school journey, to improve pupil health and reduce congestion.
  • Organising campaigns, competitions, challenges and incentive schemes.
  • Development of resources to support schools in tackling school related congestion, parking problems and road safety issues.
  • More schools receiving and maintaining school travel plan accreditation (Travel for Life - formerly STARS).
  • Delivering School Streets at 50 schools by March 2026.
More detailed information:

School travel plans help schools plan, promote and monitor active, responsible and safe travel for the school journey to reduce car use and congestion and improve air quality, health and well-being.

To encourage Ealing schools to get involved in the school travel plan initiative we:

  • Support schools in identifying and implementing useful sustainable travel and road safety initiatives
  • Support schools to develop and implement a school travel plan, which outlines their commitment to improving sustainable travel options within their area
  • Work with schools to identify student's issues related to travel and propose different routes and methods to get to school.
  • Provide schools with resources to encourage students and staff to use safer, healthier and environmentally friendly ways to get to and from school
  • Assist schools to improve sustainable transport and road safety within their local areas working closely with other services to promote healthy lifestyles and bring about behavioural change.

The range of initiatives and activities offered to schools includes:

  • Workshops to develop robust school travel plans
  • Bikeability - cycle training
  • Active travel challenges and competitions
  • Road safety materials
  • TfL Explorer and Pioneer Ambassadors scheme .

School Streets are schemes where the roads near a school are closed to traffic at school opening and closing times. Closing the roads to school and through traffic helps to achieve a safer, more pleasant environment for everyone using the streets whilst maintaining access for residents within the zone, and all pedestrians and cyclists.

Our current programme includes delivery of School Streets to targeted schools according to an agreed selection criteria. This includes those that are working with us and engaged in the TfL Travel for Life accreditation scheme.

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Last updated: 15 Feb 2024