Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance

Advice for schools and childcare settings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, including operating guidance and emergency contacts.

Updates and letters

Risk assessment tool (doc)
Infection control management

Government guidance

DfE helpline: 0800 046 8687 (Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, weekends 10am to 4pm)

School operating guidance

Guidance for schools and early years providers during the pandemic.


Attendance guidance for schools.

Schools should be taking an attendance register and using the codes suggested on this page to record attendance and absence. All settings should submit daily attendance figures using the educational setting status form by midday every day.

Guidance for off rolling for children gone abroad


During the pandemic, schools may have to deal with the death of a member of staff as a result of the coronavirus or for other reasons. Read about what you should do when an employee dies and use our letter template to correspond with the next of kin in these circumstances

Educational psychology

Recovery, re-introduction and renewal: Safe and successful returns to school (a handbook by the Association of Educational Psychologists)

Educational psychology service delivery

Advice for schools: Transition and back to school during COVID 19

Emergency contacts and support

Local authority and Ealing Learning Partnership teams will do all they can to support schools. For urgent support, please refer to the emergency contact list. For other support requests, please contact Julie Lewis .

There are tactical groups in place to plan and communicate back to the emergency management response team to keep schools open and in relation to short and long term school recovery issues arising from COVID-19.

Facilities and buildings

Ventilation planning strategy

Financial support

Home working guidance

Planning and risk assessment


School governance


Symptoms and testing

Infection control measures
Children and young people Covid-19 infection scenarios
Staff Covid-19 infection scenarios

Vulnerable groups

How schools are working to overcome the challenges facing vulnerable groups of pupils during the pandemic:

Where schools have concerns including not have a designated safeguarding lead (DSL) they should contact ECIRS. Emergency contact list

Keeping in touch guidance for DSLs (word)
Please use this guidance to support members of staff keeping in touch by phone with parents of vulnerable children.

Support your school's response if you have low attendance of vulnerable pupils:

Children and young people, social care

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Last updated: 03 Aug 2023