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Why can’t I see the occupational health advisor straight away?
Due to demand an appointment-based system is necessary.

Why do I need to refer someone to occupational health using the referral forms?
Using the correct forms ensures that OH has all the necessary information for an effective and efficient referral and addresses all management issues.

How can I claim the money back for the cost of an optician’s eye test and glasses?
The forms must be completed and signed by your optician. Please speak to your manager or schools business manager on how to claim. Please note there is a limited amount that can be reimbursed. This money comes out of your department's budget and not occupational health.

Why doesn’t OH replace my GP service?
Our focus is employees at work. Your GP deals with all your medical needs, has all your medical records and can refer you to NHS consultants. The OH doctor cannot prescribe medication.

How can I access my medical records?
Contact the OHU who will arrange an appointment. An adviser will sit with you to clarify any abbreviations for you. Upon written request, a copy of the notes can be provided for you. There is a charge for photocopying and administration.

Is all the information that is held in OHU confidential?
Yes, all information held is strictly confidential.

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Last updated: 29 Jan 2024