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Note 11 September 2019: We are currently working on updating the peer review materials on this page. These will be made available prior to the ELP peer review training on 24 September 2019.

Peer review initial training materials 2018

Peer review handbook (pdf - updated on 28 November 2018)


Updated 28 November 2018

1. ELP peer review school self-evaluation template (word)
2. ELP peer review planning and timetable template (word)
3. ELP peer review evidence template (word)
4. ELP review feedback report template (word)
5. ELP review QA visit template (word)

Anonymised ELP review feedback reports

New - 28 November 2018

ELP Anytown review feedback report (word)
ELP Beechwood review feedback report (word)
ELP Greenlands review feedback report (word)

Handouts September 2018 training

1. ELP delegates work book (pdf)
2. School data summary 2017/18 (pdf)
3. The case study: planning and preparaton - ELP primary school final KLoE (pdf)
4. ELP primary school: overview time table for review day (pdf)
5. ELP primary school: interview task (pdf)
6a. Summary of evidence A (pdf)
6b. Summary of evidence B (pdf)
6c. Summary of evidence C (pdf)
7. ELP review feedback report (pdf)
8. ELP review feedback report - case study (pdf).


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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019