Diversity and equality hub case study

The journey so far

  • School has been pro-active in their engagement in the race equality in education programme
  • Race equality is one of four key areas monitored by governors
  • The Challenging Disproportionality training has been delivered to all staff
  • Humanities lead attended race equality in the curriculum training; subject leaders have worked collaboratively on decolonising the curriculum
  • Member of staff participating in the Southwark leadership diversity programme

What we did/the changes/the impact

  • Diversity and equality hub established to support staff to further diversify their curriculum
  • Focus on using pastoral tutoring time at the beginning and end of the day to cover different areas and celebrations through weekly activities
  • An online monthly calendar of events for staff to incorporate into their teaching within their subject topics.
  • Weekly topic to explore for vertical tutoring, which is different from the Assembly topic of the week, to allow for further inclusivity and exploration of the world.
  • A video, resources and suggested activities around the weekly topic which can be used across abilities and in lessons.
  • Further links to websites that can be explored by teaching staff for more information, ideas and tools to support diversifying their curriculum areas, e.g. Show Racism the Red Card, International Women’s day, international wheelchair day etc


  • Information is accessible for staff as the links are all in one place
  • Has led to new activities in school such as National Mother Tongue day with students saying hello in their own languages


  • Collating and checking the details for the calendar is time consuming and requires work
  • Need a staff member who is good with technology

Next steps

Considering how to adapt for SLD students to make learning more sensory

Advice to other schools

  • Be mindful of dates changing; have three points of reference
  • Start small; build the hub month-by-month; need someone who is good with technology

One word / phrase to sum up

Enlightening – training has enabled staff to see the world from a different perspective

Contact: Amanda Heaney for further information amandah@belvue.ealing.sch.uk

We welcome thoughts, comments and feedback: Education Race Equality EducationRaceEquality@ealing.gov.uk

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Last updated: 02 Jul 2024

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