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Black history month

During October the UK celebrates Black History Month (BHM).

The first BHM was celebrated in 1987 but today BHM has become an important date for the whole UK. BHM was created to promote and propagate the facts of Africa’s Contribution to World Civilisation from Antiquity to the Present and exposing contribution of Africans to the socio-political and economic life of the UK and the rest of the world.

This year, Ealing is marking the 34th anniversary of BHM by celebrating the 2021 theme ‘Proud to be black’.

Black History Month resource pack* (pdf)

Teaching Migration, Belonging, and Empire in Secondary Schools report (Runnymede Trust)

The Black Curriculum Report 2020 (The Black Curriculum website)

Ealing’s themes and resources in previous years:

BHM – Ealing 2020 resource pack* (pdf)

BHM – Ealing 2019 resource pack* (pdf)

BHM – Ealing 2018 resource pack* (pdf)

BHM – Ealing 2017 resource pack* (pdf)

BHM – Ealing 2016 resource pack* (pdf)

BHM - Ealing 2006 resource pack* (pdf)

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Useful websites

Black history month website
View latest information.

Black Net
Website on the history of Black people within the UK.

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Last updated: 04 Jan 2022