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Leadership development

Leadership development is important for leaders at all levels including headteachers, governors, senior leaders, middle leaders and support staff leaders.

Leadership development can take a range of formats including accredited programmes, local leadership networks and CPD opportunities, internal school leadership development programmes, local school-to-school and collaborative programmes and individual personal reading and research.

National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL)

The NCTL now focuses on working with schools, teaching schools and partner organisations to develop and deliver high-quality continuing professional development and leadership training rather than delivering programmes directly. They also support successful school leaders and governors to take on a lead role in school-to-school support to improve the performance of other schools.

General information on the NCTL website (GOV.UK)

National professional qualifications (NPQ)

New NPQ qualifications for leaders at different levels will be available for 2017-18:

  • National Professional Qualification for Middle Leaders (NPQML): for those who are, or are aspiring to become a middle leader with responsibility for leading a team
  • National Professional Qualification for Senior Leaders (NPQSL): for those who are, or are aspiring to become a senior leader with cross-school responsibilities
  • National Professional Qualification for Headteachers (NPQH): for those who are, or are aspiring to become a headteacher or head of school with responsibility for leading a school
  • National Professional Qualification for Executive Leaders (NPQEL): for those who are, or are aspiring to become a senior leader (executive leader) with cross-school responsibilities. General information on the and details of current programmes can be found on the NCTL website (GOV.UK)

NPQML and NPQSL in Ealing

In Ealing we work with UCL Leadership Colab at the Institute of Education to deliver the NPQML and NPQSL programmes locally.

Two clusters are providing the programmes in Ealing in 2017-18:

  • The LA, Ealing Teaching School Alliance (ETSA) and the Ealing Primary Teaching School Alliance (EPTSA) (UCL cluster: Ealing)
  • West London Teaching Alliance (UCL cluster: Montpelier Primary School)

Participants apply directly to UCL naming Ealing or Montpelier Primary School cluster as their local provider.

The programmes begin in the autumn term and participants have up to 18 months to complete the qualification. They include a combination of face to face sessions and on-line learning and the completion of a school based improvement project.

More information can be found on this website, click on this link:
National professional qualification for middle and senior leaders

Open Access Area

Further leadership resources and materials can be found on the NCTL website, including materials from a range of programmes which are no longer offered. It is planned that these materials will available until September 2018.

Other leadership development in Ealing

Leadership networks: a range of leadership networks for middle and senior managers are available to all primary and special schools through the Schools Forum buy back and to secondary schools in partnership with the Ealing Teaching School Alliance (ETSA) through the Collaborative programmes buy back. CPD sessions for leaders and governors are available through the CPD SLA or pay as you go. Full details are available at and

Leadership diversity programme: ETSA was successful in securing a two year bid for the programme in 2016-17. In 2017-18 10 places are available for female and/ or BME secondary colleagues who are ready to progress to an assistant head or deputy head post

Leadership development and succession planning: in school: Support to design an in-house leadership programme can be brokered through your link partner. Numerous high quality resources are available on GOV.UK:

Other providers

Leadership programmes are available from a wide range of external providers including:

Ambition School Leadership
London Centre for Leadership in Learning (UCL/IoE website)

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