School effectiveness

Teacher standards

The teachers standards (GOV.UK website) consist of two parts:

  • part one: teachers' standards
  • part two: personal and professional conduct

The standards will apply to all teachers regardless of their career stage.

All teachers who have successfully completed induction will be assessed against the standards as part of the appraisal process.

In addition all trainee teachers will be assessed against the standards and all NQTs will be assessed (in a different context to trainee teachers) against the standards at the end of their induction.

Upper pay spine

The criteria for teachers moving from the main to upper pay range is now detailed in the school teachers pay and conditions document (GOV.UK website).

In summary the teacher needs to demonstrate that they are is highly competent in all elements of the relevant teacher standards; and that their achievements and contribution to the school, are substantial and sustained - in our view this needs to be wider than their class/es demonstrating best practice in developing the quality of others’ teaching.

Teachers will be assessed as part of the appraisal process over a period of time to be decided by the school (see your school pay and/or appraisal policy).

Last updated: 29 Apr 2015