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We recognise that the very best RE enables students to explore our shared human values, to reflect on what it means to live ‘a good life’, and to develop knowledge and understanding of the beliefs and practices of everyone within their community. Sowing the seeds of the future embodies the principles of inclusion and fairness, and will ensure that all young people in Ealing are able to share and develop their own thoughts about what it means to live an examined life, giving them the tools they need to move confidently as adults into an increasingly diverse and secular society. ~Sara Passmore, former head of education and promotion, British Humanist Association

Sowing the seeds of the future
The current Ealing agreed syllabus was ratified by Cabinet on 22 July 2014 for use in Ealing schools.

Contacts and resources useful to Ealing RE teachers (Updated October 2016)

Ealing SACRE annual report 2015-16
Report of the activities of Ealing SACRE during the last academic year.

Farmington Fellowships
Information regarding fellowships for RE teachers.

Choose from the following

Feature articles on various festivals.

Days of observance
Multicultural calendar.

Ealing SACRE
Information about the work of the local Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education, including contact details of representatives willing to be consulted by schools.

Guidance for schools
Information that schools might find useful.

RE curriculum
Syllabus for religious education and example schemes of work.

Guidance and information regarding inclusive collective worship, including procedure for applying for a determination.

RE links
Links to relevant websites and resources.

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Last updated: 14 Mar 2017