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Gypsy, Roma and Traveller achievement

The Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Achievement Service (GRTAS) in Ealing was founded in 1990. From its very inception our service sought to improve the educational attainment and achievements of an ethnic group who had for generations been held at the fringes of society.

Their communities’ educational underachievement was first highlighted by the Plowden Report of the 1960’s, and still widely persists today. So close knit and historically separate was the GRT community that it was evident that if the GRT children were to gain any meaningful access to education, it was essential that a whole family, community approach was embedded in the education to be delivered.

In the intervening years the Service has evolved into an innovative and ground-breaking agency that is highly respected locally, nationally and internationally.

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Traveller children attendance concession and dual registration.

Contact details and GRTAS referrals
Travellers achievement service team

Publications, guidance document and websites.

Travellers and inclusion
Advice on linking students of Traveller heritage into key stage 3 and 4.

Travellers in Ealing
Information about the Traveller communities in Ealing.

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Last updated: 04 Jan 2022