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Assessment and moderation resources

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Attainment and performance

Blank progress tool (version 2018)
Updated version of the progress tool circulated at the standards and accountability conference in December 2016. Now based on 2017 progress from each KS1 prior attainment group.

Statutory assessments

KS1 booklet (2019) (pdf)
KS2 booklet (2019) (pdf)

Exemplification documents

You can download exemplification documents of the age-related expectations of the new curriculum in reading, writing and mathematics at the end of years 1, 3, 4 and 5. Schools have contributed to the initial exemplification.

Working at greater depth

All documents are in PDF format and behind a login unless otherwise stated.
Year 1 - Reading
Year 1 - Writing
Year 3 - Reading
Year 3 - Writing
Year 4 - Reading
Year 4 - Writing
Year 5 - Reading
Year 5 – Writing

Working at expected standard

These collections of evidence are designed to support schools in making consistent judgements about attainment in those year groups where nationally produced standards statements and exemplification materials are not available.

These have been collected in a separate file which schools can supplement with additional material from school-based moderation and other sources.

All documents are in PDF format unless otherwise stated.

Mathematics - age related exemplification

Year 1 - Aryan
Year 3 - Aisha
Year 4 - Jenny
Year 5 - Christopher

Writing - age related exemplification

Year 1 - Tymon
Year 3 - Sabeena
Year 4 - Saharan
Year 5 - Jake

Reading - age related exemplification

Year 1
Year 3 - Ziyad
Year 4 - Anita
Year 5 - Zain


Exemplification materials for KS1 and 2 are available on GOV.UK on the following links:
KS1 exemplification material
KS2 exemplification material

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Last updated: 15 Mar 2022