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Religion and belief

Ealing SACRE has produced guidance for schools intended to ensure an approach to the statutory daily reflection that is inclusive of all religions and beliefs. The new agreed syllabus for religious education considers religious and non-religious stances to be responses to common human experiences. These two documents, and other guidance, can be found on the RE curriculum pages.

Useful documents

Children’s perspectives on believing and belonging (pdf)
The findings of a study aiming to unravel the impact that religion has on young people’s lives by examining the extent to which religion contributes to shaping both their identities and the type of social and friendship networks within which they find themselves.

Useful links

BBC religion and ethics website
Information about a variety of religions, including message boards to post your own thoughts.

Interfaith Network for the UK
The Inter Faith Network for the UK works to build good relations between the different religious communities in the UK at both national and local levels.

Office for National Statistics
Information about and statistics on the UK population by religion and belief according to the national census done in April 2011.

Why humanism is included in ‘religious education
Informative article by the British Humanist Association

Islam and islamophobia

British Muslims for Secular Democracy
Organisation dedicated to raising awareness within British Muslims and the wider public of secular democracy, in the hope of contributing to a shared vision of citizenship.

European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights
Includes links to organisations throughout Europe concerned with combating racism and Islamophobia.

Forum Against Islamophobia and Racism (FAIR)
Summary of articles on Islamophobia appearing in the national press.

List of links to relevant websites. In particular, see the website's new section on multiculturalism - a selection of articles, mainly recent, about ethnic, religious and national identities, and about terrorism and multiculturalism.

Islamic Awareness Week
Website dedicated to the annual Islamic Awareness Week.

Islamic Foundation
The Islamic Foundation is a centre for education, training, research and publication. The Foundation seeks to build bridges between Muslims and others, while promoting the highest standards of academic research and publications.

Muslim Association of Britain
Comment, news, discussions and articles.

Muslim Council of Britain (MCB)
Website of the MCB

Muslim Educational Trust (MET)
The MET is a national Muslim educational organisation in Britain dealing with the concerns of Muslim parents and children relating to education.

Muslim Heritage
A thousand years of Muslim history.

Muslim Museum Initiative
Looks at 1400 years of interaction between Britain and the Muslim world.

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Last updated: 04 Jan 2022