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Clerk job descriptions and claim form

Clerk to governors job descriptions and claim form

To assist governing boards and headteachers with the task of recruiting a clerk to the governing board two generic job descriptions and their person specifications are available.

Clerk to the governing board - job description (word)
Clerk to the governing board - person spec (word)
Scale 5 (spinal point 25) currently £13.24 per hour

Senior clerk to the governing board - job description (word)
Senior clerk to the governing board - person spec (word)
Scale 7 (spinal point 31) currently £15.93 per hour

The scale 7 senior clerk to governor job description has been updated (January 2016) to reflect the role now required by all clerk to governors. It is our expectation that all clerks will be either working at this level or be supported to develop their skills and knowledge over time to meet these requirements.

You can use these in their entirety or adapt them to local needs.

However should you adapt them they will need to be submitted to the schools HR team or your own HR provider for evaluation.

Ealing provides training and support for all clerks including termly briefing sessions. Details can be found at Ealing CPD online

Support staff performance management and review process

Appointments and checks

You should notify your HR advisor direct when you have appointed a clerk. You need to go through the normal appointment checklist and all pre-screening documents.

When processing the paperwork for your clerk, make sure you notify HR Payroll the correct pay grade and spinal point you wish to pay.

Exception to the pre-screening checks

DBS check is not currently necessary if the clerk will only be working in the evenings when the school is closed to pupils and will have no unsupervised access to pupils in the course of their work.

Adapting job descriptions

Local arrangements may vary and if the governing board is satisfied with the current clerking arrangements they can decide to allocate the additional roles and responsibilities from either of the new job descriptions to an existing staff member at the school, depending on the level of support required. Should this occur then the usual HR processes around re-evaluation would need to take place for that post-holder and the clerk to governors will remain on their existing grade.


Payment for the above roles will continue to be by payment claim form (excel) for each meeting.

Guidance notes (pdf)
Information to help calculate the number of hours to claim for governing board duties.

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Last updated: 16 Mar 2017