ELP leadership

ELP priority - reading

One of the key learning and achievement priorities focuses on reading.


To secure consistently high standards of teaching and learning to achieve outcomes amongst best in London through skilful and sustainable collaboration.

Future Ealing outcome(s): Outcome 2 Children and young people fulfil their potential.

Update summary

  • Further developing reading by strengthening the leads network with over 40 attending in November
  • Reading learning communities established for action research
  • Project groups for reading developments
  • Identifying and sharing effective practice through ELP systems
  • Survey to identify further need
  • Other activities in line with the reading plan 2018-19.

ELP reading plan (pdf - March 2019)

Literacy co-ordinator’s network

March 2019

Literacy coordinators meeting presentation March 2019 (pdf)

Assertive mentoring presentation - Wood End Academy (pdf)

Writing at Lady Margaret Primary School (pdf)

Emergent writing and whole school progression - Durdan's Park Primary School (pdf)

Stages of emergent writing - Durdan's Park Primary School (pdf)

November 2018

Agenda Thursday 22 November 2018 (pdf)

Literacy meeting presentation (pdf)

Stanhope Primary School presentation (pdf)

Durdan's Park Primary School presentation (pdf)


Saynap Isman, senior business support officer ELP
Email: elp@ealing.gov.uk

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Last updated: 24 Apr 2019