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Articles on various festivals.

A righteous flame
Article about the festival Zartusht-no-diso, remembrance day for the Zoroastrian prophet Zarathustra.

Amber waves of grain
Pagan harvest festival of Lughnasadh, associated with the medieval Christian festival Lammas.

Birth of a pathfinder
Article about the festival of Wesak which celebrates the birth, enlightenment and passage into nirvana of the Buddha.

Divine play
Piece about the festival of Janamastami celebrating the birth of the Hindu god Krishna, with notes about the various roles this god plays.

Fertile minds
A look at the medieval visionary Hildegard of Bingen and the Chinese sage Confucius.

Fire in the mind
A short piece about Vasant Panchami, the Hindu festival in honour of the goddess of learning.

Honouring the spirits
Brief article about the Japanese festival of O-Bon which celebrates the spirits of the departed.

Restoring the balance
An article that looks at ideas of cosmic justice, and festivals of forgiveness.

Sacred history
A spotlight piece on the perception of history as divinely appointed.

The poisoned chalice
Piece written for Holocaust Memorial Day.

Trouble in the beginning
A short piece about Al-Hijra, the Muslim ‘new year’.

A piece looking at the experience of the divine message, and in particular, the Christian festival of the Annunciation.

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Last updated: 18 Oct 2021