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Ealing’s junior travel ambassador (JTA) annual programme

Programme for 2019/20

JTAs are a pupil council that specialise in promoting active and sustainable travel as well as road safety. They are usually comprised of year 5 and 6 pupils but can be other year groups. Pupils get together on a regular basis with a staff lead to discuss ways they can promote and encourage active and sustainable travel and plan and deliver activities they can run themselves.

JTA programme

We have a programme of activities to support JTAs in schools.

This includes ideas for events, competitions, bulletins to read in assemblies, awards and other free resources.

JTA guidance

JTA bulletins

Download bulletins (pdfs) for the JTAs to read out in assemblies – there is one for every month of the school calendar (September 2019 to August 2020):

1. Introducing ourselves

2. Active travel

3. Stop, look, listen

4. Cars - vicious circle

5. Air quality

6. Being responsible on your school journey

7. CO2 and climate change

8. Sustainability

9. Sustainable transport

10. Park and stride

11. The school run

Health Fair game (pdf)
We have produced this downloadable game for schools to give to Junior Travel Ambassadors (JTAs) to use during their health fairs. It’s a great way to engage families with the idea of active travel!


Register your JTAs to receive goodies and information.

If you have JTAs in your school, or a similar pupil council (for example a Bike It Crew, B.U.G or Junior Road Safety Officers/JRSOs), then please do fill in the form below so that we can include you in our JTA programme communications and send their welcome pack and badge.

Fill in the form to receive communications and the welcome pack


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Last updated: 23 Aug 2019