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Staff allegations

Statutory guidance requires that concerns about staff should be discussed with the designated local authority officer in the school’s area. This discussion should occur within 24 hours of the concern coming to notice.

The designated officer is a child protection manager, independent of the employee’s agency, who will give an independent review and a decision on if the matter needs to progress to a social care and/or police investigation or can be dealt with by school or needs no further action.

Consulting the designated officer demonstrates that an agency has not hidden concerns and has sought independent advice. This ensures any serious matters are progressed and reassures staff and parents that a decision to take no further action or deal with the matter inside the school’s system has been made with external, independent advice.

Designated officer for allegations against professionals (AAPs):
Kogie Perumall
020 8825 8155

Allegations should be referred to the headteacher, or chair of governors if against the headteacher.

Model procedures for schools responding to allegations of abuse against teachers and other staff reviewed October 2017 (word)

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Last updated: 20 Mar 2018