Climate change, COP26 and air quality

Clean air and walking to school

We’ve commissioned a special walk to school to clean air media screen clip. You can add a copy to your school screens or share it through assemblies and in class.

Ealing Council initiatives for the school community to raise awareness and encourage participation in school travel plans.

Clean Air Day is an air pollution campaign, engaging people through events and the media. We promote Go Green for Clean Air Day to Ealing schools.

Ealing Air

Families in Ealing can map a clean air route to walk/cycle from and to their school using Ealing Air website. The website also provides pollution data collected from monitoring sites around Ealing and important information on how to reduce their exposure during high air pollution events.


For nearly three decades the United Nations has been bringing together almost every country on earth for global climate summits. COP stands for Conference of the Parties and it is the UN climate change conference. This year will be the 26th annual summit – giving it the name COP26.

Raising awareness of COP26 through STARS

Schools across the borough are being encouraged to travel actively travel for their schools during November to show their commitment to help alleviate the climate crisis.

To support your school during COP26 we have created a suite of resources to help pupils understand what COP26 and climate change means and why protecting the environment is so important (download below). This will help pupils make direct links to the benefits of actively travelling to school and the impact of air pollution.

It’s also a great way to support your STARS accreditation helping you to achieve and maintain Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Great Walk to School

Schools are encouraged to arrange a Giant Walk to School in support of COP26, on Friday 12th November 2021, asking everyone to use active modes of travel to get to school. They can create a giant Active Travel Tree poster and ask children to add a coloured leaf depending on how they travel to school on the day. The greener the tree the better! See example tree and instructions download below.

Participating in the Great Walk and delivering the classroom activities is a great way to encourage the whole school community to walk, scoot, cycle and Park & Stride to school, helping to increase physical activity, reduce congestion and improve air quality around the school gates.

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Last updated: 01 Sep 2023

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