Services for children

Virtual school for looked after children and care leavers

Ealing's virtual school team improves the life chances of Ealing's looked after children (LAC) and care leavers by promoting and supporting them throughout their education.

    Services are provided to people who work with young people in care such as school staff, social workers and other professionals.

    Information for LACs is available on the Young Ealing website

    The team provides:

    • Support to young people in care to raise educational achievement and help to ensure that young people maximise their potential
    • Educational support to young people in care without a school place until the young person is admitted to school
    • Education programmes during most school holidays
    • Afterschool study support to young people one day a week and at other times by appointment
    • Specific education programmes each half term as well as a weekly peer mentoring project
    • Ongoing advice and support to schools, social workers and carers on educational issues related to children in care
    • Training events and conferences are held throughout the year.

    Ealing's virtual school team

    Bridie McDonagh, Headteacher Ealing virtual school Looked after children
    Tel: 020 8825 6648

    Sundeep Gill, Post 16
    Tel: 020 8825 8596

    Alison O’Connor, Primary and secondary teacher
    Tel:020 8825 6802

    Sue Tarry, Secondary teacher
    Tel: 020 8825 7918

    Sian Hender, Primary teacher
    Tel: 020 8825 5532

    Jermaine Walker, Interim secondary teacher
    Tel: 020 8825 5340

    Ealing virtual school transition

    These documents are for teachers and children in Year 6/7 who are (or were previously) looked after. It provides information and resources to support the transition to high school and includes:

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    Last updated: 18 Oct 2021