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Board of Deputies of British Jews
The voice of British Jewry: a cross-communal, democratic, grassroots organisation, and thus the authoritative first port of call for Government, media and others seeking to understand Jewish community interests and concerns.

CE Diocese of London
News and information about local events. There is also a website for the London Diocesan Board for Schools.

Hindu Council UK
Non-partisan faith organisation set up in 1994 to give British Hindus an effective voice on policy matters as well as enhancing mutual understanding among the major faiths predominant in the UK.

Humanists UK
Organisation representing the interests of the many ethically concerned but non-religious people in the UK.

Understanding Humanism
Website created by Humanists UK with teaching materials on humanism broken down by age range.

West London Humanists and Secularists
Local group for atheists, agnostics, humanists, secularists, rationalists, skeptics, freethinkers and like-minded people to meet and discuss social, political, religious, philosophical, scientific, artistic and other issues.

International interfaith centre
Oxford-based organisation devoted to developing world-wide interfaith cooperation.

Multifaith links
Extensive collection of links to sites on a variety of religions and interfaith organisations and projects.

Muslim Council of Britain
Organisation set up to work for and represent the Muslim community in the UK, including increasing understanding of Islam, fostering better community relations and working towards the good of British society as a whole.

Roman Catholic Diocese of Westminster
For information and news regarding the Roman Catholic Diocese of Westminster. The Westminster Cathedral website has a children's area which has information regarding school visits.

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Last updated: 22 Nov 2021