Attendance checklist for schools

Recommended attendance tasks for schools to carry out:


  • Complete AM registers starting with Y5/6 walk to school children
  • First day calling - record reasons for absences and select code in the register
  • Inform the pupil’s social worker if there are any unexplained absences and if their name is to be deleted from the register
  • 1st follow-up text/emails
  • Attach copies of evidence to pupil records
  • Complete registers PM after lunch break
  • 2nd follow-up text/emails

Day 3 of unexplained absence

  • Start reasonable enquiry CME Process
  • Contact link attendance officer for advice.
  • Consider vulnerability of family i.e., SEND, pupil with social worker etc.
  • Conduct home visit

All schools should have arrangements in place to undertake their own home visit in line with attendance guidelines - Working together to improve school attendance - GOV.UK ( Home visits should be conducted as soon as possible after the third day of absence and must be carried out by the tenth day


  • Follow-up N codes and missing marks within 5 school days
  • Process leavers
  • Leavers & Joiners Report
  • Complete attendance tracker
  • Process exceptional leave applications.
  • Identify persistent absentees and severe absentees (<50%). Flag to member of SLT for attendance.
  • Consider referral via Gateway to Ealing attendance service.
  • Meet with Dedicated Attendance Lead
  • Celebrate attendance. Rewards, certificates, newsletter, assemblies etc.


  • Identify persistent absentees and severe absentees
  • Run group reports: SEN, FSM, LAC and Ealing focus groups as identified as part of SLA.
    • Ealing focus groups 2023-24: Black Caribbean pupils, Mixed (White & Black Caribbean) pupils, Black Somali pupils and White boys
  • Analyse punctuality

Agree actions with dedicated attendance Lead:

  • Letter writing (Under 95%, Under 90%, Lates)
  • Hold parent meetings.
  • Attendance contract
  • EHAP
  • Consider referral via Gateway to Ealing Attendance Service.
  • Make referrals via Gateway for fixed penalty notices for unauthorised leave.

Run official register report


Each academic year

  • Populate the tracker with benchmark data at the start of the academic year
  • Review whole school ethos
  • Review school attendance policy (parent version)
  • Complete SLA with school attendance officer
  • Set targets and inform school community
  • Assign a member of SLT with specific responsibility for attendance
  • Assign a Governor with specific responsibility for attendance
  • Autumn Term - Reception non-arrivals Reporting September reception class and year 7 non-arrivals | Ealing Grid for Learning (

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Last updated: 01 Sep 2023

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