Tackling parent parking issues

Information on:

  • How parking services tackle parent parking issues
  • What schools can do to support and encourage parents and carers to park safely.

Tackling parent parking (pdf)

Perfect parking campaign flowchart (word version) (pdf)

Perfect parking campaign flowchart (visual information) (pdf)

Pupil Traffic Wardens Scheme
Guidance for running a Pupil Traffic Wardens scheme.

Get Moving play script
A new way to address parking issues, where pupils identify the issues associated with car use for the school journey, through a workshop-play script.

A series of 6 drama improvisation workshops that fit together to form a play, performed by pupils to parents and the rest of the school. We have both PDF and hard copies that schools can borrow.

Please contact us for more information.

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Last updated: 01 Sep 2023

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