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School attendance autumn 2023 network slides

Great to see so many SENCOs getting together at network meetings in the first half of term.

School attendance service autumn term primary SENCO network slides

Step funding

Short Term Exceptional Provision (STEP) funding is available for pupils with complex needs:

Step funding information and application form

This could be for new pupils with complex, long term needs or for a sudden and significant escalation of need, widening the criteria to include these pupils. Head Teachers are now asked to countersign requests, to ensure that requests meet the school based criteria around resources.

Key dates for EHCPs

Education, health and care needs assessment, plans (EHCP) and review key dates

Ealing early intervention service

Come along to the Ealing early intervention service (formerly the service provided by CAMHS Ealing/ Tier 2 service) launch/ information morning on:

Thursday 2 November at Greenford Town Hall 9.30 am to 1pm.

Ealing early intervention service launch programme

Ealing early intervention service (Safe MHS) leaflet

Helping Hand project

CAMHS commissioned Contact to provide this service with Expert by Experience for families with Autistic Children, with or without diagnosis.

Developing early communication handbook

The EYFSSEN team have produced this new Developing Early Communication handbook for staff supporting children at the earliest stages of develpment. Do share with staff.

SENIF Panel dates

Applying for inclusion funding for Early Years – Nursery and Reception? See panel funding dates here

Introduction to CAMHS video

Hear from Rob Brindley, CAMHS Psychologist, about the service in this video

Christmas card competition

Yes really – it is time to invite your young people to take part in this competition!

Calling all young artists: Christmas card competition - Around Ealing

If you have any questions, please contact @Hitaishi Vaghela.

Emotionally based school avoidance (EBSA)

This useful guidance below has been signposted by the DSL team:

EBSA guidance for parents and carers | Family Information Service (

Training on children missing out on education - CMOE

Your attendance team now needs to use Gateway to report on part time timetables and alternative provision.

They may ask you for support where this relates to a child with SEN, including children with medical needs and those in reception not yet taking up full time places. Training may be of interest to SENCOs and is taking place throughout the year.

Children missing out on education (CMOE)

Guidance For Early Years Settings and Schools on Reduced Timetables October 2021.pdf (

SENCO network and SENCO induction events

SENCO induction meetings:

  • Tuesday 30 January 2024 from 1-3.30pm
  • Tuesday 16 April 2024 from 1-3.30pm

SENCO network meetings:

Network with colleagues, share best practice and hear about the bigger picture beyond your school.

Primary - alternating in person and on-line through the year

  • Wednesday 22 November 2023 from 2- 4pm (Online)
  • Wednesday 31 January 2024 from 2- 4pm
  • Wednesday from 17 April 2024 from 2- 4pm
  • Wednesday from 10 July 2024 from 2- 4pm

Secondary - all in person at the EEC with Celia and Katy

  • Thursday 28 February 2024 from 9-12 midday
  • Thursday 3 July 2024 from 9-12 midday

Secondary SENCO and Inclusion lead joint networks

A forum for SENCOs and Inclusion Leads to discuss and share best practice for inclusion across the borough and to consider the impact of national initiatives such as the Frameworks for NPQSEND and NPQLBC.

  • Wednesday 31 January 2024
  • Wednesday 24 April 2024

SENCO Wellbeing webinar 8 November 4 -5pm

Free Whole School Send webinar with a focus on enhancing SENCO wellbeing by managing workload and leading through influence. Delivered by Jean Gross, Rebecca Gonyora and Erica Wolstenholme.

How to ensure balance between the role of SENCO and personal wellbeing. | Whole School SEND

National SENCO Workforce Survey 2021 – Bath Spa University

Ealing’s Winter Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme

Ealing’s Winter HAF Programme will run from

  • Friday 22 December 2023 and Tuesday 2 January – Friday 5 January 2024

Read the full details: Ealing’s Winter Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme

We really appreciate your support. For any questions or further information, please email the HAF team at

Top Tip

Get to know autistic young people using resources made by them, such as this website from Spectrum Gaming:

Introducing Autism - Autism Understood

Did you Know?

National: 87,000 more learners were identified with SEN in 22/23 compared to 21/22.

SEN Bulletin asked the Ealing data team for information about Requests for Statutory Assessment:

Nursery 2 children had the highest agreement rate at 69% with 15% still in process

Reception children agreement rate was 51% with 20% still in process.

34 requests or health notifications were received for pupils of nursery 1 age. Just one proceeded to statutory assessment at this stage.

Data from Jan to September 2023 for children in EYFS.

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