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Guidance and information regarding inclusive collective worship, including procedure for applying for a determination.

Although Ealing SACRE chooses to use the word ‘reflection’ rather than ‘worship’ to refer to the daily statutory act, we are not trying to remove religion from the experience. Rather we are striving to ensure the most inclusive experience possible.

Although schools are no longer inspected as regards how well they contribute to community cohesion, the promotion of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC) remains a major inspection focus.

Schools will therefore benefit by being able to show that their programme of daily reflection ensures that no segment of the school community feels excluded from the very activity intended to foster school spirit and shared values.

Reflection: guidance for schools

Example school reflection policy

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Information regarding the procedure to modify the requirement for schools to provide daily acts of collective worship that are mainly Christian.

Links of interest
Links to sites providing information and resources for school assemblies.

Information regarding policy, as well as the rights of parents to withdraw their children.

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Last updated: 26 Sep 2018