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Schemes of work and other resources for teaching religious education in a SEN context.

As with RE in mainstream schools the entitlement of a pupil in special education is:

  • 36 hours per year at Key Stage 1
  • 45 hours per year at Key Stages 2,3 and 4
  • Post-16 entitlement is 5% of curriculum time

Special schools in Ealing must adapt the agreed syllabus for their own use.

P scales for RE (doc)

The following schemes of work have been adapted by Paul Faux of St Ann's school for use in an SLD (severe learning difficulties) context:

Year 7: Friends, sound and music
Year 7: New life and followers
Year 7: Greetings and belonging
Year 8: Babies
Year 8: Colour
Year 8: Food
Year 9: Birthdays
Year 9: Patterns
Year 9: Treasures and special objects
Year 10: Three places of worship
Year 10: Shops
Year 10: Senses
Year 11: Time
Year 11: Eid clothing
Year 11: Families and weddings
Year 12: Two places of worship
Year 12: Creation
Year 12: Water
Year 13: Rules
Year 13: Special journeys
Year 13: Writings
Year 14: Change
Year 14: Light
Year 14: Pesach
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Last updated: 03 Sep 2020