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RE curriculum key stage 2

Example schemes of work and other resources for teaching religious education at key stage two.

We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry...
Maya Angelou (1928-)

In the new syllabus, you will be expected to teach the following units over the course of key stage 2; the order that the units are taught is up to the individual school. The schemes posted here contain examples of how the material can be delivered.

Unit name
KS2.1: Belief and practice: Christianity (revised 2016)
KS2.2: Belief and practice: Hinduism (revised 2016)
KS2.3: Belief and practice: Islam (revised 2015)
KS2.4: Belief and practice: Judaism (revised July 2016)
KS2.5: Belief and practice: Sikh (revised 2015)
KS2.6: Spirituality through art (revised 2016)
KS2.7: Beliefs regarding death, 1 (revised 2016)
KS2.8: Initiation practices (revised 2016)
KS2.9: Signs and symbols
KS2.10: Moral dilemmas, 1 (revised 2016)
KS2.11: Rules for living (revised 2015)
KS2.12: Seeds of unity, 1
KS2.13: History of belief in the UK, 1
KS2.14: Festivals of light
KS2.15: Pilgrimage
KS2.16: Special leaders (Note: The example scheme focusses on Jesus, but you can add other inspirational leaders as you see fit.)
KS2.17: Religious buildings
KS2.18: Prayer, meditation and cultivating the inner life
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Last updated: 18 Oct 2021