Services for children

SEND and inclusion key documents

Key guidance, forms and template documents.

Ealing SEND and inclusion strategy 2015-18 and action plan
Terms of reference for Ealing SEND panel (pdf) - 2016
Ealing virtual school SEND hanbook for social workers (pdf)
SEND code of practice (GOV.UK)
SEND guides (GOV.UK)

Ofsted and CQC inspection framework (GOV.UK)
Local area SEND inspection handbook for inspectors (GOV.UK)

Ealing SEND local offer

Disabled children and the Equality Act 2010 for schools
(Council for Disabled Children)
Disabled children and the Equality Act 2010 for early years settings
(Council for Disabled Children)

Request for a statutory assessment
ERSA form (word) May 2017- submit to
ERSA - guidance on completing an ERSA form (pdf) September 2016
Completing an education health and care plan (EHCP)
EHCP template form (word)
Guidance for completing an EHCP (pdf)
Annual review of statements/EHCPs

Use form till March 2018:
Annual review report form (word) - submit to

Use form from April 2018 (replaces the above form):
Annual review report form for an EHC plan provided by Ealing LA (word) - submit to
A SEN transition plan* (word) should be completed for each annual review from year nine until the pupil leaves school.
Provision mapping
Inclusion provision map (excel)
Provision map fields (excel)
Converting to EHC plans
Guidance to support you with the move to EHC plans by 1 April 2018 (pdf) June 2017
Letter to SENCO headteachers (pdf)
Transition review form template (word)
Progression under SEN
P scales guidance July 2014 (GOV.UK)
Progression guidance tracking tool (pdf)
SEN decision making grids
Guidance to using the SEN decision making grids (pdf):
Intervention support guidance (pdf)
Funding allocations and EHC banding levels
Funding allocations and top up values for mainstream provision (pdf)
Top-up funding schedules for pupils with a statement or EHCP on your school page:
Find your school page - login with reports access required
Provision in Ealing
Entry - exit thresholds for special schools unit and ARPs 2017 (pdf)

About SEND provision in Ealing primary schools (pdf)

About SEND provision in Ealing high schools (pdf)
Further information on Ealing SEND local offer
Speech and language therapy
Speech and language therapy pack including application form (word)

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Last updated: 23 Apr 2018