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The law requires community and foundation schools that do not have a religious foundation to provide "a daily act of collective worship" for all pupils in the school, other than those withdrawn at the request of their parents.

Where a headteacher considers there to be a conflict between the requirement to provide worship that is wholly or predominately Christian and the requirement to provide worship that accords with the family backgrounds of pupils, they can apply to SACRE for a determination to lift or modify the requirement.

Before requesting a determination a headteacher must consult the school’s governing body, who in turn may wish to seek the views of parents. The headteacher's application may relate either to a clearly described and defined group or to the whole school.

SACRE application for determination (word) - updated July 2018

Sample parental consult letter: new determination (word)

Sample parental consult letter: renewal of an existing determination (word)

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Last updated: 26 Sep 2018