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Health improvement back to school curriculum

The back to school curriculum was developed by the Compass Hub schools with the support of the Ealing health improvement team. The schools involved in the development of this curriculum are:

  • Belmore Primary School, Hillingdon,
  • William Byrd Primary School, Hillingdon,
  • Colham Manor Primary School, Hillingdon,
  • Weald Rise Primary School, Harrow,
  • Costons Primary Primary School, Ealing,
  • Ravenor Primary School, Ealing,
  • Hamborough Primary School Primary, Ealing,
  • North Primary School, Ealing.

This curriculum is designed to be used by teachers to support the transition of pupils back to school. The recovery curriculum is planned as a 5 week block, each week is based on a different theme.

This curriculum is available to all Ealing schools, free of change.

Schools and teachers should use the plans and suggested activities as needed in their settings. A short presentation was developed to introduce staff to the back to school curriculum. This should be shared with staff prior to using the recovery curriculum with their class.

There are plans for each phase:

  • Early years foundation stage
  • Key stage 1
  • Lower key stage 2
  • Upper key stage 2

Week 1 – Relationships

Week 2 Community

Week 3 - Transparent Curriculum – Resilience

Week 4 – Metacognition

Week 5 – Space

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Last updated: 08 Sep 2022